Torres de la Alameda

Torres de la Alameda is a municipality located 41 kilometers east of Madrid.  Founded in the pre-Roman times by Carpetan settlers, the town sits at an altitude of 654 meters and has a current population of around 7,800 residents.


Calle Rosa Chacel Escritora is a street located in the town. It is named after the writer Rosa Chacel, who was born in Valladolid on 3 June 1898. A member of the Generación del 27, she would write her autobiography Acrópolis which discussed being a lesbian in Spain in the 1920s.

Calle de Gloria Fuertes is a street in the city named in honor of Gloria Fuertes. Fuertes was a poet and member of the Generación del 50, the first post-war generation of Spanish writers. She was a lesbian and feminist, and an important one in Francoist Spain at a time when the regime demanded conformity to strict ideological gender roles.

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