Las Rozas de Madrid

Las Rozas de Madrid is one of the largest towns in the region by area, covering 59 square kilometers.  Exactly when the town was first founded is not known, but people have been present on the site since the third century.  It sits at an elevation of 718 meters and has a total population of around 96,000 people.


Gema Hassen-Bey won a bronze medal at the 1992 Summer Paralympics. Born in 1967 in Las Rozas de Madrid, she would not come out of the closet until the 2010s, well after her Paralympic career had ended.


Calle de Carmen de Burgos is a street located in the city. It is named after Carmen de Burgos, who was born in the province of Almería on 10 December 1867. The author would go on to write one of the most important feminist works of her era, La mujer moderna y sus derechos, supporting women’s right to vote and divorce, as well as being an out lesbian later in her life. In addition to these things, she would become the first war correspondent for a newspaper.

Calle Elena Fortún is a street in the city named after Elena Fortún, the creator of popular children’s book character Celia. Elena Fortún was born in Madrid in 1886, and started publishing the series as short stories in magazines in 1929. Despite her lesbian relationships while married, she did not suffer the same blacklisting as other feminist and lesbian women affiliated with the Second Spanish Republic because she remained largely apolitical during that period.

Calle Gloria Fuertes is a street in the town named in honor of Gloria Fuertes. Fuertes was a poet and member of the Generación del 50, the first post-war generation of Spanish writers. She was a lesbian and feminist, and an important one in Francoist Spain at a time when the regime demanded conformity to strict ideological gender roles. The street is in a mostly residential area, situated between two major shopping hubs in the town.

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