Calle Victoria Kent is a street in the town named after Victoria Kent, a lesbian and one of the first of three women elected to the Congreso de Diputados in the Second Spanish Republic. She was also the first women in the world to represent someone before a military tribunal. Unlike some of her contemporaries, she gained fame for opposing universal suffrage because she believed women’s votes would be too easily swayed by men in their lives.

Avenida de Rosa Chacel is a street located in the town. It is named after the writer Rosa Chacel, who was born in Valladolid on 3 June 1898. A member of the Generación del 27, she would write her autobiography Acrópolis which discussed being a lesbian in Spain in the 1920s.

IES José de Churriguera, located at Calle Constitución de Cádiz, 1, is a public high school in the city, and also has an autism unit. On 26 April 2019, it celebrated the Día de la Visibilidad Lésbica. The day was part of a movement that started in Spain 2008, with the objective of bringing more attention to lesbians in public spaces. As a result of celebrating the day, the school ended up on a list run by Mis Hijos Mi Decisión, an organization that objects to the “indoctrination of children” in terms of moral education.


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