Pinto is a town of around 50,500 residents located 20 km south of Madrid.  The origins of the town are unknown, either founded during the Roman period or by the Moors.  In any case, the establishment of the town was well documented by the early 1300s and granted the title of villa in 1359 by Rey de Castilla Pedro I el Cruel.


Casa de la Cadena, located at Calle de la Cadena, 11, is a cultural center in the town.  It contains a museum, library, historical archive, and public meeting space.  The historical building underwent major renovations in 2004.  In June 2021, as part of the town’s Orgullo celebrations, the venue hosted a presentation by Elena León Criado, CRECUL President, about the double discrimination lesbians face in Space, a talk by Zaida Carmon about the invisibility of lesbians in the media, and concluded with a talk about  Sara López Jiménez asking where the lesbian and bisexual women in history were.


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