Chopera is a barrio with around 20,000 residents. The southern part of the barrio was located on land that that in the 1400s was an island in the middle of the Río Manzanares.  The area of the old slaughterhouse, Matadero, which was constructed in 1910 played an important role in more recent evolution of the barrio.  Matadero is now an important cultural center in Madrid.


Cineteca Matadero, located at Plaza de Legazpi, 8, is a movie theater founded in 2011 in a space that once held the old refrigeration units and boiler of the municipal slaughterhouse. It has three salons, with one seating 224 people, and another 129 and the third seating 65 people. Cineteca Matadero hosted a queer film series as part of extended 2017 World Pride events. The memories transfeministas queer / cuir cycle took place in mid-September. Among the films that appeared at the event was The Watermelon Woman, a film based on the story of black lesbian Cheryl who struggles to make a documentary about black 1930s film actress Fae Richards, commonly referred to as the watermelon woman. The eighth edition of the Nuestra de Cine Lésbico was held at Cineteca Matadero from 23 to 26 May 2019. Among the films screened were Tell It To The Bees, Carmen y Lola, Rafiki, Cloudburst, Las Hijas del Fuego, Lesbofobia, Cárceles Bolleras, Small Talk and La Vida de Adele. The film festival was organized by Fundación Triángulo.


Socialist government of Pedro Sánchez (2018 – 2023)

            Unión de Autónomos (UATAE), located at Calle del General Palanca, 37 and being woman managed, published a statement in support of Pride in 2020 and 2021.  They mentioned trans people four times in 2020 and three times in 2021.  They mentioned women once in 2020.  They did not specifically mention any other LGTBI class, nor other sex classes.


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