Buenavista, better known as Carabanchel Alto, is a barrio with a growing population, going from 25,379 people in 1986 to 35,919 in 2007 to around 47,000 by 2020.  The barrio, along with Carabanchel Bajo, were both independent towns until they were integrated into the city of Madrid in 1948, forming the new district of Carabanchel at a time when the same thing also happened to other neighboring towns including Vicálvaro, Vallecas, Villaverde and Fuencarral.


Socialist government of Pedro Sánchez (2018 – 2023)

            The floats for Pride 2022 left from Plaza de Carlos V at 20:30. There were thirty-nine in total listed on the official march order but news reports saying there were fifty-two. They were organized into four groups.  The first group included COGAM, FELGTB with Glamazon and Pide Taxi, and RTVE. The second group included political parties.  The third group included LGTB themed businesses and events.  The fourth group included businesses and international corporations.  Pide Taxi has their corporate offices in the barrio.

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