Opañel is a barrio with a population of around 32,900 people.  It is served by the Centro de Salud General Ricardos.  It does not have many big parks or green areas, but is located near Parque Emperatriz María Luisa de Austria found in an adjacent barrio.


Libres y combativas, located at Calle Hermanos del Moral, 33, are a revolutionary and anti capitalist feminist organization. They very occasionally mentioned lesbians their activism, mostly to highlight that lesbians were a class like black women or immigrant women who faced discrimination in society because of that class membership. Their feminist activism was transinclusive, giving as much weight or more weight to the needs of transwomen as they did to lesbian women. They were involved with Orgullo Critico events in Madrid. In 2021, Asociación de mujeres libres y combativas received a direct subsidy from the national government for €43,211.33.


Socialist government of Pedro Sánchez (2018 – 2023)

            The 2022 Critical Pride march took place on 28 June, with the route starting at Plaza Elíptica and ending in Parque de San Isidro.

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