San Isidoro


Cementerio Sacramental de San Isidro, located at Paseo de la Ermita del Santo, 72, is a monumental cemetery that opened in 1811, and quickly became the place where the city’s nobility were interred. Among the people buried there is Dolores Cabrera y Heredia; she was originally interred in Zaragoza following her death in 1899 before being moved to be next to her daughter. Marisa Roesset Velasco and Lola Rodríguez Aragón are interred together in a family tomb belonging to Rodríguez Aragón. Roesset Velasco died in 1976 and Rodríguez Aragón died in 1984.

Sacramental de San Justo, located at Paseo de la Ermita del Santo, 70, is a cemetery next to Cementerio de San Isidro, separated only by a wall. Opening in August 1847, it is still active today. Among the people interred there are Carmen Conde.