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San Isidro is a barrio with steep, sloping and winding streets.  Areas with these features, including San Isidro, tend to be among the poorer ones in the city.  The district is home to the cemetery of the same name, San Isidro.  It is home to around 39,000 residents.


Estudios del Orfanato de El Pardo was part of Finca Vistalegre Carabanchel. Created in the early 1930s with the birth of the Second Republic, they used the grounds of the old Asilos de San Juan y Santa María in a pair of buildings near the Palacio Nuevo. One of the goals was to reduce the number of children on the street who were begging. It was state run, taking over the role of a few privately run institutions that predated it and were on or near the site. One of the people who taught here was Carmen Conde.


Spanish democratic transition (1975 – 1982)

            Esmeralda la Francesa was a French transsexual woman who was visiting Madrid for a few days when they were arrested and imprisoned, either for being a male homosexual or a transsexual. Esmeralda was released but was soon arrested again for the same reasons and put in the Carabanchel prison, located at Calle del Parque Eugenia de Montijo, 5B.  They could not cope with a Francoist prison and the special attention paid to them by the male guards, and committed suicide shortly after.  During the 1978 Gay and Lesbian Liberation Day march in Madrid, a minute of silence was observed in memory of Esmeralda la Francesa.[1]

Socialist government of Felipe González (1982 – 1996)

            Pride was convened by CLFM in 1984 with support from a number of feminist organizations including Union de Mujeres de Carabanchel.  The march itself took place at 8:00 PM on 18 June along the Puente de Vallecas-Avenida de la Albufera-Portazgo axis that had been used twice before.[2]

Conservative government of Mariano Rajoy (2011 – 2018)

            Critical Pride took place again in 2014, with around five hundred marchers. After the march, the group held a festive meeting at Vaciador on Calle Matilde Hernández, 34 near Metro Oporto. [3]

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