Fuencarral-El Pardo

Fuencarral – El Pardo

Fuencarral-El Pardo, officially district number 8, is located north of Centro. The largest district by area, its population of around 239,000 is divided into eight barrios, El Pardo (81), Fuentelarreina (82), Peñagrande (83), Pilar (84), La Paz (85), Valverde (86), Mirasierra (87) and El Goloso (88).

The district is characterized by its large size and by its natural landscape and wooded areas.  Despite this, it is also a business district, with many companies having their headquarters in the district.    It is home to Palacio Real de El Pardo, which was where Francisco Franco lived following the end of the Civil War until his death, and where official state visitors in Spain now stay. Fuencarral – El Pardo was originally the town of Fuencarral and royal site of El Pardo.  Both were annexed and incorporated into the City of Madrid in 1949.  The current barrio divisions were formalized by the 1987.

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