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Colegios Reunidos de Educación Física Femenina, now known as CD CREF, is a basketball team founded by Sección Femenina and played in the early Spanish women’s national league.  Between 1964 and 1971, they won seven national championships. The team shared facilities with Real Madrid’s men’s basketball team.  The relationship between Real Madrid and Raimundo Saporta  was such that Raimundo Saporta tried to convince Santiago Bernabéu to officially accept the team as a women’s club but Real Madrid declined. Movimiento Nacional disbanded in 1977, and the team found itself without support.  It disbanded three years later.  They would reform in 1990 with a men’s team that was disbanded in 2007.  The women’s team had moved up and down between the first and second division since the early 2010s.  While the club was not explicitly lesbian during the Franco period, it was one of the few regime supported places where women could participate in sport without fearing regime condemnation.  Research by Spanish academics has concluded that these situations almost certainly attracted lesbians and other gender non-conforming women who otherwise tried to avoid attracting regime attention.  These type of activities allowed for some expression of less than ideal feminine attributes in ways the regime otherwise did not tolerate, supported because of Pilar Primo de Rivera’s involvement with Sección Femenina.  The club played their matches at Raimundo Saporta Pavilion, located at Paseo de la Castellana 259.  The originally stadium was demolished in 2004, and the site was developed with the stadium once where Torre Cespa now stands.


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