Calle Elena Fortún is a street in the city named after Elena Fortún, the creator of popular children’s book character Celia. Elena Fortún was born in Madrid in 1886, and started publishing the series as short stories in magazines in 1929. Despite her lesbian relationships while married, she did not suffer the same blacklisting as other feminist and lesbian women affiliated with the Second Spanish Republic because she remained largely apolitical during that period.

Calle Margarita Xirgu is a street in the town named after the early 20th century actress Margarita Xirgu. She was born on 18 June 1888 in Molins de Rei, Catalonia, went on to play an important role in the Círculo Sáfico de Madrid and served as a muse for Federico García Lorca before being forced into exile because of the events of the Civil War.

Plaza de Carmen Conde is a plaza in the barrio named after Carmen Conde, a poet, dramatist, essayist, Spanish teacher and a member of the generación poética del 27. Born on 15 August 1907 in Cartagena, she was also a member of the Círculo Sáfico de Madrid, and met her partner Amanda Junquera during the Civil War and was with her until Junquera’s death in 1987.

Ciudad Deportiva de Real Madrid, located at Camino de Sintra, 4, was the home grounds for Club Deportivo TACON. The team was created in 2014 by Ana Rossell. They were initially based campo de Las Cárcavas de Hortaleza but quickly moved to Campo García de la Mata, located at Calle Ramírez de Arellano. After winning promotion to the first division at the end of the 2018-2019 season, Real Madrid announced they were absorbing the club and they have been based on Real Madrid’s facilities since as Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (femenino). Lesbians who played for the club include Laura del Río, who played for them in their inaugural season.


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