Miraflores de la Sierra

Miraflores de la Sierra is located 49 kilometers north of Madrid on the south slopes of the Sistema Central mountains at an elevation of 1147 meters.  The town of 6,400 people was founded sometime in the Middle Ages, with its existence documented by 1287.  Rey Carlos I officially granted the town status as a villa in 1523.


Calle de Gloria Fuertes is a street in the city named in honor of Gloria Fuertes. Fuertes was a poet and member of the Generación del 50, the first post-war generation of Spanish writers. She was a lesbian and feminist, and an important one in Francoist Spain at a time when the regime demanded conformity to strict ideological gender roles.Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, located at Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco, is a public university established on 6 June 1968. Despite being one of the youngest public universities in Spain it has been ranked as the best university in Spain. The main campus is Cantoblanco, with a medicine campus located near Hospital Universitario La Paz, and the student resident village La Cristalera located in Miraflores de la Sierra. FELGTB organized VIII Jornadas de Familias LGTBI from 21 to 23 September 2018. While lesbians were included, the focus was on trans liberation, trans minors and the experiences of children of LGBTI people. Lesbians were included in the discussion as homomaternal families.

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