Moncloa – Aravaca

Moncloa-Aravaca, officially district number 9, is located west of Centro. Its population of around 117,000 is divided into seven barrios, Casa de Campo (91), Argüelles (92), Ciudad Universitaria (93), Valdezarza (94), Valdemarín (95), El Plantío (96) and Aravaca (97).

The district is home to Palacio de la Moncloa, the official residence of the President of Spain. It is also home to large green areas, including Casa del Campo. Moncloa – Aravaca is divided by the M-30 and in some places by the M-40, making it difficult for it to have a cohesive identity and to easily cross the district by foot. It was created in 1980s, merging the new neighborhoods of Valdezarza and Valdemarín and the old town of Aravaca.

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