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Homophobic abuse took place at the Centro Deportivo Municipal La Elipa, located at C. Alcalde Garrido Juaristi, 17, in August 2006. A 30-year-old gay man was kicked in the face while kissing his friend while sunbathing at the pool by a pair of Roma male youths aged 20 and 17. The youths were arrested following the incident for the attack, damaging the facilities and threatening other sunbathers. Following the attack, Pedro Zerolo, PSOE councilor from Moratalaz, said the lack of a Roma LGB organization in Madrid was sad, as it mean that Roma homosexual youths, including both gays and lesbians, had no outlet and attitudes like those of the two attackers went unchecked by others in the community. A kiss-in event was organized by COGAM at the polideportivo at the main door on 29 July 2006, with COGAM issuing a statement about the kiss-in saying it was necessary in “expressing our rejection and claiming our right to use any facility public and show our affection within it, on an equal footing with the rest of society”.


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