Colegio Ciudad de los Muchachos, located at Calle de Santa Marta, 15, is a school founded in 1947 to serve working class and disadvantaged youth. It was taken over by the religious order of Salesianos in 1989. When Gloria Fuertes died in 1998, she left the bulk of her estate, more than a hundred million pesetas, to the school as a way of thanking children for the fortune she had made as a children’s writer.

The 1982 pride protest took place in Vallecas, running along the Puente de Vallecas-Avenida de la Albufera-Portazgo axis. The 25 June 1982 march was convened by Colectivo de Feministas Lesbianas de Madrid and FLHOC. About 300 people participated, including lesbians in shirts with the female symbol with a fist in the center.


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