Juzgados de Plaza de Castilla, located at Plaza Castilla, 1, is a part of a larger courthouse complex. Among the lesbians to work there was Marta María Higueras Garrobo, with the future Deputy Mayor of Madrid beginning her professional career there.

Sede nacional de Vox, located at Calle de Bambú, 12, was the national headquarters for the far right political party, Vox, until July 2021. The party itself was founded by Santiago Abascal on 17 December 2013, splitting from Partido Popular. The party was originally located at in the offices of Juzgado de Vigilancia Penitenciaria 3, on Plaza de Castilla, 1. They then moved to Calle Nicasio Gallego. In early 2019, Vox moved their offices for a third time to calle Diego de León, 56. They moved to the Bambú location in August 2019, their second move within a year. As part of the 8 March 2019 International Women’s Day Protests in Madrid, a group of lesbians protested outside “Madrid de los fachas”, Vox’s headquarters. They stuck heart shaped LGBTI flag stickers on nearby Vox posters, and engaged in chanting in support of women’s rights and against homophobia. During their protest, Hazte Oír’s bus showed up with its giant sign condemning feminazis. The lesbians blocked the bus from passing down the street and chanted in protest of the message.


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