CRECUL (Comite de Culturas Lesbianas), located at Calle del Barquillo, 44 planta 2 Izda, is a historical association for lesbian and bisexual women focused on the sexual and reproductive rights of women and for lesbian visibility. They are both a national organization, along with a having regional branches like one in Madrid. The organization was founded in 1991 after a meeting of the European Lesbian Meeting as part of the ILIS meeting. The following year, they made a public presentation in support of a proposed law on de facto couples. They went on to produce a magazine called Informales, which had a national audience during the mid-1990s. A previous office was located at Calle Bravo Murillo, 4. CRECUL president Elena de León said in 2018 that lesbians were forgotten in official campaigns by the local government in Madrid during the AIDS epidemic as the only tool the Comunidad de Madrid subsidized to fight AIDS transmission was a condom and women having sex with women were never featured in any awareness campaigns.


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