Los Rosales


Calle de Carmen de Burgos is a street located not far from the Cercanais Villaverde Bajo stop. It is named after Carmen de Burgos, who was born in the province of Almería on 10 December 1867. The author would go on to write one of the most important feminist works of her era, La mujer moderna y sus derechos, supporting women’s right to vote and divorce, as well as being an out lesbian later in her life. In addition to these things, she would become the first war correspondent for a newspaper.

Villaverde Entiende y Usera con Orgullo both held Pride marches on 2 July 2016 with the goal of showing that gay rights and LGBT visibility should not and do not die on the periphery of Madrid. Their march started in the south and ended at Atocha, joining the bigger Orgullo events in the city. They were supported by neighborhood organizations including La Unidad de Villaverde Este, La Unidad de San Cristóbal, AVIB, AV La Incolora, AV Los Rosales, AV Zofío y AV Orcasitas, and the Delegación de la FAPA de Villaverde. Their march started at the Metro Villaverde Bajo-Cruce, continued to San Fermín-Orcasur in Usera, and onwards to Legazpi.


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