Looking for lesbian movies and television programs to better understand Spanish and Madrid lesbian history?

La Aldea Maldita was a 1942 film directed by Florián Rey.  The film’s plot involving an adulterous woman returning to her village  to beg the town’s patriarch’s forgiveness was a metaphor for the ideal espouse by Spanish National-Catholicism. It was not about lesbian at all, but rather aimed at all women in Spain who strayed sexually in any way from the regime’s feminine ideals regarding female sexuality, including lesbians.  They wanted these women to repent and to change their behavior.  In some court cases brought in places like Sevilla during the 1960s, it looks like lesbians tried to do that, to plead repentance and a willingness to change as a means to try to escape or reduce punishment for violating the Ley de Ley de Vagos y Maleantes.

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